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Where do I get the lingerie for my photoshoots?

Since it's a recurring question from my first timer models, I figured it's time to collect some online stores that sell photogenic lingerie. Some of these are pretty high end, some are more on the budget side - quality of course is never a bad thing, but sometimes inexpensive pieces can look good in front of the camera as well.

Honey Birdette

Classy but modern - Full sets, corsets, bodysuits, robes, etc...

They market themselves as Luxury Lingerie, but they are relatively not on the high-end of the price range. Works well for both boudoir and glamour photoshoots in itself or peaking out from under a coat or blazer.

Price for a full set:




Sustainable - Modern - Full sets, harnesses

Unique, modern designs with lots of straps - It definitely takes to show in itself, perfect for a glamour photoshoot.

Price for a full set:



Baed Stories

Designer role playing lingerie - Creative, unique, fun - Full sets

They specialise in themed role playing lingerie, but in a really tasteful high-quality way (none of that cosplay bs), but some of their sets could work well for a glamour, boudoir or even a creative photoshoot.

Price for a full set:




Affordable - Classic & Modern - Full sets, harnesses, basques, etc...

They offer various styles - some better, some worse - but with some research you can find some really cool designs in both classic and more modern lingeries for a more affordable and consistent price. Good choice for a glamour or boudoir photoshoot.

Price for a full set:




Affordable - Elegant, unique, extravagant - full sets

This russian brand offers really cool designs with both more classic styles good for boudoir and unexpected, extravagant styles for glamour photography.

Price for a full set:



Gooseberry Intimates

Affordable - Cute and lacy - full sets, swimming suits

Modern take on cute lacy lingerie - would work well in a boudoir setting, since most of their pieces are somewhat see-through, but I could imagine it for glamour a more adventurous outdoor bohem style shoot.

Price for a full set:




Silk in all forms

They don't exclusively sell lingerie and their other products - such as dressers, robes, etc - are definitely worth checking out as well - awesome, simple lingerie to peak out under some layers, in itself for a more clean look - works great for boudoir. The dresses and daytime pieces are also good for a regular lifestyle, portrait or more casual photo session.

Price for a full set:



Chitè Milano

Affordable - Handmade - Unique - Natural beauty - Full sets

I'm not a huge fan of most of their products, but the few I like, I do like a lot. They have some sets made from silk and satin and their style is more "natural" and inclusive than most of the brands out there.

Price for a full set:




Leather - Unique - Modern - Full sets, harnesses, accessories

I love these, they are so unique. They do take the show, I would recommend them for a glamour shooting or maybe some editorial pictures.

Price for a full set:



Atelier Bordelle

Luxury - Innovative, modern - Ethical - Full sets

Now we are venturing into the high-end stuff. Super unique, very well designed lingeries for professional model sets or a classy boudoir / glamour shoot to impress.

Price for a full set:




Victorian, Goth - Classic - Full sets

Monsterladies is an over the top Victorian era inspired brand that uses modern techniques. If this is your jam, it works for both boudoir or glamour sets, but it will definitely move the overall feel of the photos to a slight goth theme.

Price for a full set:



Christina Aiellii

Unique - Floral, lacy - High End, Luxury

Christina Aiellii is an italian lingerie designer and her pieces are just crazy unique and beautiful. I would love to shoot anyone in them for anything, boudoir, glamour, themed shoots, whatever.

Price for a full set:




Sustainable - Cute - Modern

Cute, high quality lingerie with romantic vibes. Perfect for a photoshoot in nature or in the studio.

Price for a full set:



Gerie Sorie

Japanese - Cute anime gf style

Japanese lingerie inspired by anime. Very unique compared to regular designs, so if this is what you are into, it's a must for any kind of shoot.

Price for a full set:



Whiskey Lou Lingerie

Glam - Biker - Leather

This is for the badasses only. Leather, chains, fire patterns and more. Outdoor photoshoot on a motorbike is very recommended.

Price for a full set:



Savage X Fenty

Designer, Modern - Colourful, crocheted - High-End - Bodysuits, Corsets, Full sets

Rihanna's brand operates with vibrant colours and high quality designs. Looks awesome in the photo studio.

Price for a full set:



Darkest Fox

Luxury - Leather, latex, lace - Full sets, corsets

Awesome stuff in many styles for all kinds of photoshoots. Their leather and latex products are very unique and would go well with a glamour concept in the studio. But very expensive.

Price for a full set:



Monique Morin Lingerie

Classic - Expanded sizing - Full sets, garters, bodysuits

Designer outfits for al sizes that are designed to look good on people with all kinds of body types.

Price for a full set:



Did you pick an outfit and are ready to shoot? Let's do this!


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