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5 lingerie brands for a photoshoot on a budget

A small budget shouldn't be a breaker if you are planning to shoot. I have created pictures with almost no budget at all - and some of those cheaper websites offer surprisingly photogenic outfits. You might fall in love with a cheaper piece that will give up during everyday use, but as long as i survives the photoshoot, I think it's worth it. Here are my top picks for not breaking the bank:

Mademoiselle Intimates

Budget - Classic - Full sets

The price tag indicates that this is a budget solution, but their products look good and they have many interesting pieces. Good for a first boudoir session or a glamour photoshoot without breaking the bank.

Price for a full set:




Budget - Romantic, cute - See-through - Full sets, costumes

Mimokat is also a bit on the role-playing side, but that works well for giving an extra twist to a boudoir shoot or a more themed creative glamour shoot. Their products give off a romantic, dreamy vibe and for extremely low price.

Price for a full set:




Budget - Universal - Full sets

Most of my models are already familiar with Shein. They have a whole lot of stuff for dirt cheap, but the quality is not always consistent. It's still an option for a photoshoot, since the pieces can look good on pictures - I have certainly ordered from the for many sets.

Price for a full set:




Goth, Alternative

For advanced level of gothness. Great for any kind of studio or outdoor boudoir, glamour or conceptual photography.

Price for a full set:



Bevz Underwear

Handmade - Unique - Full sets

This small ukranian brand only offers pieces via messaging them directly. They have really good stuff, both modern and more dreamy, classic pieces.

Price for a full set:



Did you pick an outfit and are ready to shoot? Let's do this!


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