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7 Tips for Models About Arriving to a Photoshoot

The date of the shoot is pretty close at this point, you may have even read an article about how to prepare for the shoot and even followed the steps. Don't answer, I would rather not know if you didn't. Here are a few steps you can follow to arrive and start the shoot as a pro:

1. Bring everything

It's the same as packing for a long trip; imagine yourself from head to toe and bring what you discussed with the photographer (or other participants of the shooting). Clothes, makeup, matching underwear, whatever it is. Try everything on at home so you can be sure that everything fits how it should.

2. Arrive early

Give some time for yourself to get used to the environment, to unpack, organise and small talk with the people you will be working with. Especially if you are planning to do your makeup or hair in the studio... Creating your mascara on set has its benefits: it will look fresh and won't be ruined by rain or heat while you are commuting, but if you are hastily putting it on, because everyone is waiting for you, you might have played yourself. So arrive early enough to finish all preparations before the clock starts. If you are not sure about the location having a proper or free dresser room, ask your photographer.

Model posing in lingerie
Szandi went to the hairdresser and a make up artist prior the shoot and was ready before I could finish my coffee

3. Have some extra time afterwards

If the creative juices start flowing and you struck gold, you might want to extend the shoot a bit if there is a possibility. Don't be in a rush to the next place.

4. Be well rested and sober

The eyes will give away if you are hangover, high or a bit tipsy. So if you are not going for that look (which I bet you don't), then try to take it easy before the shoot. One shot of liquor is allowed for courage and for the sake of blushed cheeks.

5. Time the beauty preparation right

Wash your hair, wash your teeth, shave if something needs to be shaven and do all that at a reasonable time before the shoot.

Don't paint your hair weeks before so your roots will be showing on the shoot, but also don't arrive with still wet hair. Same goes for shaving: don't arrive with irritated skin, neither stubbles.

6. Go in alone

That doesn't mean that you have to go to the location alone. If it makes you feel safer bring a bodyguard, but leave them outside the studio. They will throw off your photographer, but what's even worse: they will throw off you.

If you don't feel hundred percent safe with a photographer, don't arrange a shoot with them at all... After researching their portfolio, signing the proper papers and meeting up at a legit location (most likely a public place, a studio, or a venue) there should be no room for sketchiness.

So don't neglect the proper background check and try to compensate with awkward safety measures, it just does not look professional. If you must have someone in the room, they should have a role in the shoot, such as stylist or hairdresser.

7. Have a light snack with you

You will be posing and concentrating for a while, so keeping that blood sugar level up is crucial... although you might want to avoid a pre-shoot Goulash feast this time. Actually anything that makes you bloated.

Toned back muscles
Dave, the owner of these impressive back muscles packed two meals for the shoot (he was buffing)

But most of all, transform the steps to your needs and develop your own routine! Godspeed!


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