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Onlyfans & Patreon Content

If you are looking to have your photo taken for content to be posted in one of the supporter sites, you might want to do plan your shoot a bit differently and book a specialized shoot.

Of course you can just go ahead and book a regular boudoir or glamour shoot, but you will find that it will not necessarily worth the effort and the money, since on these platforms the best performing content is different than what brings you the likes on social media. In my experience the key to content that pays for itself and for your future Lambo needs to be more "organic" and natural... high quality content is still key, but the audience is responding to a more personal connection to the model, so the model needs to seem more "approachable" on the photos as well.


Avoid overly stylized studios and artificial interiors. A bedroom that might look like yours is more interesting to the viewers, they feel like they see you in your personal space, natural environment, they can connect to you more.

Later you want to do more diverse content, so outdoor locations, occasionally a studio shoot can mix things up, but make sure to have content that looks improvized or ad-hoc from time to time.

The pictures

I like to work with only the best images from every shoot and finish them up in magazine quality, but this is not the time for that! You will need a lot of content that you can spread out and since - as we mentioned earlier - the audience prefers the more personal feel, you shouldn't go with super polished pics (at least not all the time), instead go for simpler images and create more pictures than usual. This is not necessarily a compromise on quality, it just means that you will have a different goal in mind when shooting.

Style and content

This really depends on what your content or niche is... if you are a fitness model you will need something different than someone who caters for the feet fetishists. But either way keep your target audience in mind and try to cater to different interests and fetishes that are easy to incorporate into what you do. For example if you are doing a boudoir shoot you can just throw in some pantyhose in the pile of planned outfits, those have their niche in themselves.

And don't forget to do some good christian dressed up pictures as well! You will want to bring the people to your platform so you will need some teasers in your free tier or on your social media sites.

Work with me!

Yeah, it's a lot to keep in mind and the photographer needs to know what they are doing as well... and it doesn't help that the classic packages they offer don't really fit these platforms either.

This is why I created a package specifically for Content Creators. Check it out and drop me a message if you want to work with me. Returning customers get a discount too ;)


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