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9 Things to do Before Your First Photoshoot

Now you have done it... you are in a pickle aren't you? You have arranged your first photoshoot and now are wondering how to fill that anxiety inducing void in the waiting period. There are a couple of things to do to calm your nerves and also to be well prepared - not only so you can show your best self, but also to make the photographers job easier - it's teamwork after all.

1. Relax

It's too late now to panic, better to accept your fate. After all, YOU wanted this. But little do you know, that there is nothing to worry about; the photographer has seen it all and should be ready to assist you through the process... in other words: you are not alone in this.

So after you have meditated, drank a few shots or did whatever works for you, move on the next steps.

2. Panic!

You didn't even prepare anything, what are you going to wear? You are changing multiple times before going to a bar and now you are relying on just winging it? Nonsense. Make a list of things that you need to get in order before your shoot.

Ok, ok, I will make the list for you... keep reading.

3. Plan the outfit, makeup, hair and accessories

The photographer or the stylist they are working with might have you covered on this one, but most likely some parts of your look will be your responsibility. Yes, there are endless choices for all of these elements, but supposedly you have already set a theme with the photographer, so you should have some kind of direction for it.

Dive deep into that closet and dig out whatever you might want to bring to the shoot. Lay them out on your bed and document them. If you want to be an A+ contributor, you could even put them on and take some selfies in the mirror. Poses are not necessary, this is just for science. STOP, NO DOG EAR FILTER, JEEZ. Send the pictures of the photographer, they should help you with the final selection. It's a good idea to have at least 3 outfits that you can bring.

If you have "nothing to wear", than this is your excuse to go guilt-free shopping. Finally.

Blonde girl using an orange curtain to cover herself
Your outfit does not necessarily has to be something out of your wardrobe

If you are doing your own makeup, you can practice that as well and see how it goes with your outfit.

4. Schedule things

Even though you are a polyhistor, let's assume you have some blind spots and you are not an expert in makeup or hair. Book an appointment before the shoot with a professional in advance and align with the photographer about the look. They might visioned a natural look and in that case you don't want to go crazy with the lipstick.

All this back and forth between you and the photographer will help you develop the concept and get what you want from the shooting.

5. Take care of yourself

Your photographer will do their best to make you look your best, so you should too.

Eat healthy for a week, it won't hurt you anyway, right? Sleep. It's good for your skin and your mind. Maybe go easy on the partying or at least don't show up hangover. Work out... it's not like you are going to loose any weight before the shoot, but that shouldn't be your goal anyway. If your muscles are a bit more toned than usual, it will look good on the pictures and you will be more confident as well.

6. Take even more care of yourself

Skin imperfections can be retouched off, so don't freak out if you get a pimple last minute. But! There are things that you can do... if you have acne or pimples, put a fresh clean towel on your pillow, it will help.

Dry lips can break an image, use some chapstick on the regular

MOISTURIZE. Especially your lips with some chapstick... cracked lips are not a good look.

And finally: think about the details like nails or... toenails.

7. Practice poses

Look at some pictures for inspiration, practice them in a mirror and save them in that inspiration folder of yours.

If you want to be more scientific about it, there are a bunch of posing guides in pdf form and tutorials on youtube about posing. Find a style that matches your ideas and possibly your body type and the genre you are going for.

The photographer will help you with posing, but it will give you confidence if you have some tricks up your sleeve.

Brunette girl posing in lingerie
Practice some poses and learn the basics so you have always something to fall back on

8. Don't change anything!

If the photographer expects you to arrive with long blond hair, maybe wait a bit before you change it to a red faux-hawk. I know... I know you had a rough break up, but still.

9. Don't panic

You have prepared well, it's up to the gods now. If you nail the arrival, the rest is teamwork. Just show up on time and with everything you need to bring and you will look - and be - a pro.


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